3 Replies to “House Design”

  1. I love it! It’s beautiful. My dream home is small and compact and requires little maintenance and cleaning! 😂 Less is gonna be best the older I get. My dream home will actually be in heaven. I would love a big beautiful home…. It would need to come with hot and cold running maids, pool boy, yard person, chef and the works! Hahaha
    PS. I am not liberally correct, nor will I ever be. 🤣

    1. It is a beautiful home. I understand about size. I have allot of projects this summer as all of Alaskans do. LOL I have 4 acres I developing. Need to get garden ready Shape a big mound of dirt and move a building. I want new Well and Septic also. Lots to do wish me luck.

    2. Love it. Yes Heaven will be Heavenly. Reunion for me as both parents are there.Love the pool boy and maids. I do want bigger house right now. Easier with grand daughters. Nesara kicKing in soon!

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